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{3 July 2009}   ARASHI

{11 June 2009}   Plz BoyCott KFC

And that’s why….

Watch more videos at KentuckyFriedCruelty.com.

{8 June 2009}   Note 1:Mai Dolce Vita


Jun Matsumoto…Ti Amo Moltessimo

{31 May 2009}   Tagging Myself^^

1. The most sweet moments in your life?
– I feel blessed that i have so many sweet moments in my life, but let me say when i got

high marks at my final year of high school, and joining a high standard college..

2. Named your idol?

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{31 May 2009}   ♥Teppei Koike♥Kawaii




Teppei Koike

Totally Gorgeous:)

For more pics….press HERE

{24 May 2009}   Will Ismaily Do it???


Will Brazil of Egypt as they called Al-Ismaily won the champion over Al-Ahly?…I hope as a big

Ismaily fan to win !

{21 May 2009}   Farewell



{14 May 2009}   Four Bees Debut

The story continues


” All these lights makes me dizzy” says (M)..

long pause , then (T) replys : “yeah, but gather all your strength, it’s not the time to withdraw now little bee”

“huh!, Withdraw …I’m not that coward baby…yuk”

blond girl approach with a big grin on her beautiful face: “hey, I’m kinda jealous now (T) and (M), aren’t we one team?,

why only both of you always together, totally forgetting about (Lula)?”

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{12 May 2009}   Four Bees

The story begins



“M” walks daydreaming about her debut , not her debut -their- debut

“M” , “T” ,”L” and “A”

the four bees

“M” takes a look to her watch , thinks she ‘d better go home, then her cell phone rings

(” M” , where are you? we’ve been looking for you.)

(“T”..hey, I’m sorry , I was just walking around, but why looking for me?)

( oh girl, don’t you wanna celebrate our debut , the 2 other bees are also there, come on let’s get together..

it’s finally our day,our dream comes true)

( “T”, first time to see you so exiting , but yeah, you have to be..I’m rather afraid..anyway, I’ll be with you in minutes)

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