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{31 May 2009}   Tagging Myself^^

1. The most sweet moments in your life?
– I feel blessed that i have so many sweet moments in my life, but let me say when i got

high marks at my final year of high school, and joining a high standard college..

2. Named your idol?

– Since i’m really a very moody person , I change my idol constantly..but for some reasons I keep idolizing

Elijah Wood for so many years now, and currently i’m in love with the cuteness of Teppei Koike -check the entry down-

3. What will you do if you’re the last person in this world?
– I’ll try to live with myself,extracting the best from this weird situation as i always optimistically do!

4. The most important things in your life?
– My principals , My Family-especially mum-,my Lap Top and the thing that  keeps me moving on my life-ambitious-

5. Arrange marriage or love marriage?
– It’s not about how to marry, its about how to keep it happy, its all about you-mostly-

6. Eight things that you’ll bring along with you everyday?
– wallet
– Cellphone
– house  keys
– Tissue

+ trivial things

my hand bag usually full of trash-used tissues +papers+candy bars 😀

7. Eight things that you passionate about?
– Japanese issues
– Dramas
– little animals
– Compaq (my lap top brand)
-My nephew
– food
– Manga (anime)

– Charismatic boys-such as Oguri Chun-

-Modest and down to earth people

-out going and open minded people

……I know I’m passionate to many things more than just 7,but i couldn’t help but to add them..

8. Your favorite quote or wisdom words?
-Who cares? ..that’s it 🙂

9. Your best listener or advisor?
– My brother in low

10. Romantic words or poem you wrote?
– I hate to think about what i have to say or tell to my lover,I’d rather be spontaneous…

so that I hate Romantic poems^^

11. Ten love songs you been listening over and over again?
– Viva for ever~Spice girls
– One Love~ Arashi
– It’s not goodbye ~ Laura Pausini
– Because I’m Stupid ~SS501
– When you say nothing at ll ~ Ronan Keating

I Swear ~All 4 one

Guilty ~ Blue

Not your enemy ~ Jesse McCartney

From Sarah with love ~ Sara Conner

Love is all i need ~ DBSK

12. Eye Color?..Favorite eye color?
– Brown…Sky Blue or Hazel

13. Named 5 your favorite perfume?
– I  wear any perfume i find on my mirror ..heheh(Even my dad’s)

14. Place you wanna visit?
– Japan
– Japan






-Saudi Arabia




15. Hugs or kisses?
– both :”>

16. The most expensive thing you owned?
– emmm, persons: Mum..Things:My Cotton Doll-my Lap Top^^

17. Your valentine gift?
– none-for now-^^

18. The most weird birthday present you got?
– not yet…as far as I remember

19. People you wanna tag?
– Every one plz feel free to answer that tag if you want..


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