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{14 May 2009}   Four Bees Debut

The story continues


” All these lights makes me dizzy” says (M)..

long pause , then (T) replys : “yeah, but gather all your strength, it’s not the time to withdraw now little bee”

“huh!, Withdraw …I’m not that coward baby…yuk”

blond girl approach with a big grin on her beautiful face: “hey, I’m kinda jealous now (T) and (M), aren’t we one team?,

why only both of you always together, totally forgetting about (Lula)?”

“Let’s make a couple too ,(L)…”  Says attractive black woman..

“Nonsense” a bold fat man says while walking towards the four girls…” You are now joking,while -If- I were

in your shoes I’ll go panic like a cat facing an angry dog..”

“Adam, for god sake, are you really our manager,or our enemy?…” says (T) jokingly

“besides…” adds (M) ” our fans to be aren’t dogs , Adam!”

“well well well, I’ll never win with you 4 bees, anyway I was just coming to tell you to go prepare yourselves

for the big performance of the four bees..hurry up”



And now the brand new band “Four Bees” are coming out to the stage

the four exotic girls : Abby,Lula,Mia aaaand Teaaaaaaaa

give them around of applause …


…..to be continued


hello mzta u r super cute over

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