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{12 May 2009}   Four Bees

The story begins



“M” walks daydreaming about her debut , not her debut -their- debut

“M” , “T” ,”L” and “A”

the four bees

“M” takes a look to her watch , thinks she ‘d better go home, then her cell phone rings

(” M” , where are you? we’ve been looking for you.)

(“T”..hey, I’m sorry , I was just walking around, but why looking for me?)

( oh girl, don’t you wanna celebrate our debut , the 2 other bees are also there, come on let’s get together..

it’s finally our day,our dream comes true)

( “T”, first time to see you so exiting , but yeah, you have to be..I’m rather afraid..anyway, I’ll be with you in minutes)



“M” picks her pen , writes in her fancy diary those words:

‘     why I’m feeling so blue now?…ain’t we the four bees gonna fly at last?

My other 3 beloved bees mates “Tea” ,”Lula” and “Abby” are there with me

together we’ll fly..and spread our honey all over the world’



It’s 3 a.m , “T” can’t sleep…she gets up and stands before the mirror, studying her cute Asian figure half-heartily

they are all different-she thinks- , but somehow they are also resemble…

they have the same dream after all…

“M” with her -you can say- Caucasian ,Latin and Mediterranean features

Dark brown hair, with the same eye color, bronze skin…with -I’m happy- expression

all the time….

“L” the vixen blond, well.. she thinks of her as white from inside and out side…

“A” the Afro girl, so pretty like Rihanna or Beyonce…with the even more prettier voice..

“Tea” -with a deep sigh- gets back to her bed, trying hard to sleep.

…to be continued


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